samedi, 24 avril 2010

Doodle clone with Cassandra backend

I follow Cassandra's activity for some months now, and I decided to try it. But what better than developing a small application to test real needs ?

That's what I did with my "Doodle clone with Cassandra backend".

What is Cassandra ?

According to the main page,

Cassandra is a highly scalable, eventually consistent, distributed, structured key-value store
Why a Doodle clone ?

I'm working during my free time on an event manager software, so it was a good pretext to analyze Doodle business :)
It appears to be quite simple, so it was a good starting point.

Which features to implement ?

I added the following feature to the doodle clone :
  • Easy (easier) to create polls
  • Login free, secret key based administration
  • No options limitation
  • Email feedback when someone subscribe the poll (if email provided)
  • No duplicate name of the subscribers
  • An optional limitation of the number of subscribers per options
Have a look !

Go to and try it, the result is really surprising.


There is absolutely no affiliation with Doodle, neither any idea to become the next Doodle. The goal of this application is purely academic, and it is deployed as is, without any guarantee.

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