vendredi, 5 août 2011

Cassandra, hector, maven and tomcat

Cassandra (v0.7 and 0.8), hector (version compatible with Cassandra), maven and tomcat bound together result in a warning at tomcat startup :

INFO: validateJarFile(/...<webappspath>.../WEB-INF/lib/servlet-api-2.5-20081211.jar) - jar not loaded. See Servlet Spec 2.3, section 9.7.2. Offending class: javax/servlet/Servlet.class

Nothing harmful here, but as we want to do things as clean as possible we should avoid violating Servlet Spec 2.3.

So running a dependency:tree help to find out the guilty dependency :

[INFO] +- me.prettyprint:hector-core:jar:0.8.0-2:compile
[INFO] |  +- org.apache.cassandra:cassandra-all:jar:0.8.1:compile
[INFO] |  |  +- org.apache.cassandra.deps:avro:jar:1.4.0-cassandra-1:compile
[INFO] |  |  |  \- org.mortbay.jetty:jetty:jar:6.1.22:compile
[INFO] |  |  |     \- org.mortbay.jetty:servlet-api:jar:2.5-20081211:compile

Hum hum, org.mortbay.jetty:servlet-api:jar:2.5-20081211. We found the responsible of the problem.

Using <dependencymanagement> in our pom.xml file we will be able to mark this dependency as provided and the problem should flight away :
Build, deploy, and that's it !

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