samedi, 9 octobre 2010

Moving from ELCA to Verisign

I had a great time at ELCA Informatique SA, working for almost 3 years on Secutix, a complete ticketing system. But now it's time for me to move forward and see something else : different projects, different colleagues, different cultures, speak more English, nearer from home, and so on...

That's why I will move to Verisign, beginning the 2nd of November (the 1st is day off :)). Working on the heart of Internet (aka DNS) is some kind of child's dream which I will be able to realize ! I'm really excited to see how root name servers work, what's behind Registrars (aka registry), implementing DNSSEC or what means 1 billion transactions a day.

I really look forward to start there, and in the same time wish all the best to the Secutix team !

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Reynald Borer a dit…

It was a real pleasure to have the privilege to work with you. I am really going to miss our interesting talks about development, coding practices, projects managements and so on. ELCA is loosing a very valuable person, it's a shame we could not make you change your mind.

I wish you the best at Verisign and hope you will really enjoy this new job. Hope to have some news about it soon.